-Larry Fortado Jr-

By the time “Little Larry” was 11 years old, he was out fishing with his father, Captain Larry Fortado, Sr. That was the early 1970s, and he’s still at it.

Captain Larry Fortado, Jr. has spent almost four decades on the water, trawling for halibut, rockfish, and sole, fishing for herring with trammel nets, trolling for salmon and albacore, and trapping Dungeness crab. He also helped his uncle, Jim Fortado, fishing for sardines in Monterey Bay, and longlined for Ahi in Hawaii.

In 2007, the F/V Lyndie J was retired through The Nature Conservancy’s Ocean Habitat Protection Program, the Fortado family’s way of helping preserve the resources which provided for them for so many years.

Larry is still active on the ocean and a board member for the HMBSMA.