-Porter McHenry-

Porter McHenry is the third generation of McHenry’s to fish commercially out of Pillar Point Harbor. His grandfather, Vic McHenry, was commercial pilot who took up fishing in his free time. His father, CaptainMichael McHenry, grew up around Pillar Point Harbor, and never considered any other career.

However, times have changed since the days when his father simply bought a boat and became a commercial fisherman, and today most fisheries are closely regulated, with expensive limited entry permits required.

Porter has been fishing since early childhood. He began his career with his father, Michael McHenry who taught him how to fish for crab, salmon and squid.

Porter now owns the Juliet, a 45 foot wood vessel that he operates for crab and salmon. Porter also works as a crew member on the Merva W during squid season. Following in his father’s footsteps, Porter puts the well being of the resource before his own economic gain.

As president of the Half Moon Bay Seafood Marketing Association Porter works to advocate for his industry and support his fellow fishermen.